How to do house removal while having fun

How to do house removal while having fun

Moving house is something that is exciting as well as stressful experience. Everyone is excited for moving into a new house but it also creates a stress on the mind to pack up all the things, clean the property and then shifting and unpacking of your stuff at new place. The trick to make house removal or house moving painless or stress-free is to plan quite earlier. A well planned house removal is the one that gives less stress. Obviously, you cannot make the process of house removals completely stress free. The earlier planning makes it easier to move the house on time and with ease. Forethought and selection of an efficient organization can make things easier that come in your way. By acting over the following discussed tips you can perform the stress free and fun filled house removal.

How to do house removal while having fun

  • First of all, you have to sort out and make a list of all the items that are useful and you want to take them along with you. After that discard all the other items that are considered to be unnecessary. Great attention is needed to be paid while making this decision so that packing can be done easily. There are a number of reasons for which it is significant to sort out your stuff. May be the new home is not that big enough or you need to get into the new place with the less number of junk pieces around. It is better to move within the new housewith nice version of the stuff.
  • You must take the dimensions and measurements of all the rooms in your new house so as to assess that how much material you can take along with you. You can also now judge what can fit into your new house and what cannot.
  • It is also suggested that to sell out the unnecessary stuff on Craigslist or ebay. You must start doing this activity few weeks before planning to move out. It will be a great help as it might provide you with some amount of cash in your pockets. Always do put up clear and good photos of your stuff so that people might get attracted.
  • You can also donate your stuff to some charity shops. There might be a number of things that you may not like but other people may get a lot of benefits out of these things.
  • Start planning for the packing up of your stuff. It will take a longer time than expected. First of all, you must collect the packing boxes. These can be collected from your local grocery shop. Try to have much number of boxes as you will need more than you think. Try to have spacious boxes as it will cut down the total number of boxes by carrying more items within them.
  • Do label all of the boxes so that you might know which box has to go to which room. It will make unpacking much easier for you. Also, you will find it easier to find out any of your stuff.
  • Keep all of your precious belongings like important documents and other such stuff at a single place and keep that box with you.
  • Do talk to your friends and family in advance if they can provide you with help in moving.
  • Try to establish all the necessary connections like broadband and coordinate all the services before you move in. This will make your house moving experience delightful as you will start living your routine life as soon as you enter in your new house.
  • How to do house removal while having fun




Hiring a man with a van in London


Hiring a man with a van in London

People will hire a man and van in London every day, no matter what the situation; it could be for commercial, business, office and home removals or even small pick up and drops.

Many people will have a personal budget in mind and will then use this to focus their search to find a London removals company who can match that price. You will find that due to competition within the removals business nowadays, many firms are now very competitive and many will offer you the quote you desire or something close to that as long as your expectations are within reason.

Hiring a man with a van in London

Of course you have to consider such facts like the size of the job, what equipments may be needed, how long it will take, and how far the travel is likely to be and how many movers are required to do the job in order to determine a reasonable price quote. Discussing, prior to the move, as well as trying to be as honest as possible about your personal situation will pay off later, it allows time to consider the cost, it avoids unexpected extra costs for situations unconsidered and it should make the whole process as less stressful, which is always a priority for any mover. Start making a moving checklist today and you cannot go wrong!

The idea behind hiring a man with a van is to take the burden out of moving, why try to do it all alone when help is available? It makes sense to use experts at such a stressful time in life and it can only help to reduce the fears and anxiety that you may be experiencing right now!

London removals are great at getting a move accomplished in the quickest way possible, anything from hiring a man and van to use of their packing services can all play part in the removals process but fear not, that may sound expensive, but you only have to use as little or as much as what is available, ultimately as much as you can afford.

Moving is also risky and the amount of hazardous situations- we are exposed to- throughout the whole process should not be underestimated at all. Heavy lifting and loading can be back breaking, heavy furniture is a killer to shift at the best of times but when you have to move a whole load of other things on the same day the pain of doing so intensifies immensely. Some element of fitness plays part for a successful move otherwise you risk facing injury such pulled or torn backs and muscles, bruising and at worst you could break a bone so if you think that you are not that physically fit, it’s not a good idea to attempt this job without the right support.

There is no denying the fact that those who do use professional removals when moving house have the most successful moves. Most people note how less stressful it was but what is exceptionally appealing to many is the time in which it takes to move, usually incredibly quicker with the help from expert moving companies. For those who work fulltime and have very little free time available, being able to move in fast is of major priority, some have no choice but to get it done quickly and London removals are without doubt quick at helping people move.

Hiring a man with a van in London

So if you fear a dreaded move, or maybe you are considering staying put due to the amount of work involved, don’t give up just yet! Many companies are willing to offer help and support from the get go, give them a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised!



Top Tips for packing when moving house

The thought of moving to a new home can at times be a delight. Then there is the packing, which is not so fun due to the frustrations of sorting through your items making life easier for you when you are unboxing. Fortunately there are numerous ways you can prepare and pack for the big move that will take a whole load off your shoulders. Here are some top tips for you to consider when packing:

Top Tips for packing when moving house

Get your materials!

Being prepared in advance for your move will save you loads of time and money in the long run. You will need to stock up on packing materials such as: boxes, bubble wrap, parcel tape, marker pens etc… Therefore buying these items in bulk is a great idea. When looking for removal boxes, consider checking at your local supermarket, bookshop or bar, you are most likely to find strong boxes free of charge!

Create a list of contents

A list is one of the best ways to keep things organised. Before you even start to pack your first moving box, consider creating a simple list or record keeping system. Make a list with numbers (you may use a computer and then print with label printer) leaving space to write the contents of what’s in the box. You would place a number on each of your boxes you pack, listing the contents on your list. When describing what is in your box, it is better to be as detailed as you possibly can; for example “computer games” is better than just writing “CDs” or “discs”, and “DIY books” is better than just “books”.

Use coloured labels or stickers

Give each room in your new house a designated colour for example (??), blue for the living room, red for the kitchen, green for the bathroom, orange for your kids bedroom and so forth. Place coloured labels on the box near the box number, you could even use shapes or icons, then place matching labels on the door to each room. When the movers arrive with the boxes, they can simply place them in their suited room.

Keep important papers on you

This may consist of birth certificates, marriage certificates, contact details for new job, mover estimates, bank statements, school reports, maps, phone book, utility bills etc. It is better to keep all of these documents with you rather than leaving them with the mover. Putting them in a ring binder folder and placing them in your own vehicle is the safer option.

Place items together

Keep similar items next to each other when you or the movers are packing boxes. For example, place hooks and screws with mirrors or pictures, light bulbs with lamps or ceiling light shades and extension cords with appliances and electronics.

Top Tips for packing when moving house



Give everyone in household personal storage boxes.

Use decorated or brightly coloured tote storage boxes for every person within your household. Allow each family member to fill this box with anything they want or need right away once moving to the new home, this will save you the stress and time. Fill these boxes with, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, tablets, bed sheets, telephone, a few extension cords, pens, notebook, torch, toilet paper, tea, kettle and so forth.

Place clothing in wardrobe cartons

No crease, no fuss! Do you want to keep your fancy dress and designer clothes crease free? Then place them in wardrobe cartons that are used by removal companies. This ensures your clothes are kept secure, and think about it! You won’t have ironing on the top of your list once you are settled into your new home.




Man And Van : Making Moving A Piece Of Cake

Man And Van: Making Moving A Piece Of Cake

Sometimes it seems that moving house is a headache, no matter how you do it. There’s all that junk to pack, and put in boxes or crates or enormous garbage bags. Then you cram everything and the kitchen sink into a car, a van, or the back of a pick up truck, straining all the muscles in your back in the process.

You drive to the new place, and when you get there, you are absolutely, one hundred percent, exhausted. There’s the house, empty as anything. No place to sit down, no place to lie down, and no way to make a cup of tea to calm your frayed nerves. And then there’s the vehicle, packed to the brim with back-breakers. Nothing for it but to get straight to work, using all that energy you didn’t think you had, straining even more muscles in your back—all the ones, now, you didn’t even know you had.

And then, finally, you are done. Everything is sitting topsyturvy in your house, in boxes, crates, or garbage bags, and you are sitting in the middle of it, an absolute wreck by now. You finally manage to get the couch or a bed right side up, and then you find the tea things after half an hour rummaging. After a hot drink and a bite to eat, you collapse on the unmade bed, and leave the organizing of all the rubbish for the morning.
Man And Van : Making Moving A Piece Of Cake
That’s what moving looks like—without a man and van. The picture is slightly different, however, when man and van come into play. You might be eating breakfast with the family when they drive up. You continue your peaceful meal while they start packing things up in nice, roomy storage boxes. After breakfast you clean up after the meal as usual, and then give instructions about what goes where and how to pack this, that and the other.

The van is packed, and the two vehicles set out from your old house—man and van with all the neatly packed boxes inside, and your own vehicle with just your family and perhaps the dog. You decide to take a detour and stop at a fish and chips place on the way. When you get to the new house, the man and van are just about finished. The moving professionals have got all your things carefully, neatly unloaded. As they finish off, you give some last minute instructions about where you want some heavy items placed.

Then they drive off, and there you are in your new house. But, unlike scenario 1, everything now is neat and carefully organized. You aren’t the slightest bit exhausted; in fact, you’ve done hardly anything all day, and you are feeling quite fresh. You are well fed, and ready to start organizing, unpacking, and making the new place home.

What a difference a moving service can make! Moving house doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, with the right resources it can become quite a pleasant little adventure.