How to Keep Clothes Safe and Clean During a Removal

How to Keep Clothes Safe and Clean During a Removal


A home removal is a big moment in life that we take to improve our existence. We gain new opportunities, the chance to meet new people, have new surroundings, improved facilities and much more. Achieving all this takes a lot of work, not even including saving up and finding the right home. Transitioning from one address to another takes a lot of time and effort as you have to manage countless different chores. It can take a while to plan, book and purchase everything, let alone putting it into practice. You have to pack all of your goods up carefully, manage lots of heavy lifting and transport each item to your new home.

How to Keep Clothes Safe and Clean During a Removal When it comes to packing goods, you will face numerous challenges, depending on what the items are. Fragile objects will need additional layers of wrapping and need to be kept separate, liquids have to be seen to specially, as do sharp items. Electronics may need special polystyrene packaging to keep them safe, furniture has to be dismantled, and more.

Another type of item that requires specific attention is clothes. It’s obvious to say that clothes are an essential and so when moving you should beware of how to safely get them to your new address. During transit, items can get dirty, scratched, torn, wet and more, and if any of this happens to your clothing then they can be ruined. You have to take certain steps to ensure your clothes will stay in fine condition, and you can discover what to do as you read on.

Wrapping items is important for a move and this is no different for clothes. Clothing is different than most other goods as it is supple and absorbent, so some materials won’t be suitable. Bubble wrap is a great item to use and is readily available. This can be wrapped around individual clothing or around bundle. Use tape to keep it secure and your clothes will be protected for the entire process. Some items you may not want to bend, crease, etc. so consider buying clothing bags made especially for certain types such as jackets and suits. These will protect your goods completely and can be used after the move.

With everything wrapped up, you will need suitable boxes for your things. Placing some items inside a usually cardboard box won’t be appropriate, and because these containers are not waterproof, then it can be ill advised. Plastic boxes are your best bet for most clothing but there are special containers available. Wardrobe boxes are exactly what their name suggests; small containers that comes in various material that acts as smaller, portable wardrobes. You can place clothes inside knowing they will be safe from damage, dirt, damp, creases and more, as well as being easy to carry and transport. These can be a great investment for you move and are readily available in stores and online.

How to Keep Clothes Safe and Clean During a Removal Other things to contemplate for the move are coat hangers. Any of your clothes may be kept in drawers and not usually hung up, so you may not have as many as you need. Coat hangers will help keep your garments from being mixed up and creased. It also means you can place them in wardrobe boxes, ensuring that all of your clothing can be kept safe. Smaller articles of clothing such as socks and the like can be placed in boxes as there is less worry about them bring mixed up or being folded.

If you follow this guide, you can keep you clothes safe and your move simple.


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