Don’t underestimate the amount packing you have to do

Don’t underestimate the amount packing you have to do

Scotland has always been one of the most scenic countries in the world as well as one of the most diverse. From the stunning beauty of the Highlands to the vibrant energy of cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, this country of only five million inhabitants has always punched above its weight in terms of influencing the world. It can claim to be one of the best loved countries in the world for it’s history, culture and friendliness of it’s people. It’s no wonder so many people over the years have made Scotland their home.

Don't underestimate the amount packing you have to do


If you’re one of those people who is moving to Scotlandthen you no doubt have a lot to organise, plan and do before your removal day. Not least in terms of the amount of packing there is. Packing is one of the most time consuming tasks there is which if not prepared for properly can mean you’re rushing around at the last minute still trying to get it done. In order to prevent this, there’s some actions you can do.


First of all, make a note of what you’ll actually be taking to Scotland. As long as you get a rough idea by going round the house, then you can start working out how how much packing and packaging materials you’ll need. These packing materials include boxes, cartons and crates first of all. Don’t fill them up too much or else you won’t be able to carry them.


All cardboard boxes should be made of sturdy, good quality cardboard. There’s nothing worse (or physically tiring) than trying to carry a cardboard box which is on the brink of falling apart. You can pick up good quality cardboard boxes from a number of places such as supermarkets, shops or large retail stores as well as buying them specially for your move.


Small plastic self-seal bags are a must for your small items. Don’t just stuff them unsealed in the bottom of crates or boxes since they’re likely to get lost somewhere on your journey. One other thing you must also remember to take into account is your clothes. These can take up an incredible amount of room and also need to be packed well. Using bin liners are a cheap way to keep your clothes clean. Don’t forget to leave out clothes as well for your actual removal day. Shoes also if possible should be packed in shoe boxes if you still have them. Otherwise, it’s best to keep them separate from your clothes.


There’s also wardrobe boxes which allows you to hang clothes within a box. You can also use newspaper to package more fragile items. You’ll also need lots of bubble wrap or foam padding for your more fragile household belongings. Remember as well to buy enough hard duty sticking tape. It has to be of a good size and quality or else it won’t be fit for purpose.


If you hire a good removal company they can assist you with packing and unpacking as well as supplying other packing materials and accessories you’ll need. Always think ahead when you’re doing your packing. If you make sure you place your packed items in easy to access places for your removal company it can make your removal day go a lot quicker. Once you have taken care of the packing you’ll find one of the main jobs in moving home is done. Which means you can relax a little more as you prepare for your journey north from London to Scotland.


Which Is The Best Removable Service In London?


Which Is The Best Removable Service In London?

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Which Is The Best Removable Service In London

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