Reliable and Affordable Man and Van Services

Reliable and Affordable Man and Van Services

Whether you are moving house or office, and you require the services of a safe and reliable moving company, then a man and van is the solution. They are exceptionally reliable, flexible and affordable. There is a plethora of moving companies available, and you need to ascertain prior to selecting one whether they can move your household goods or office equipment round the corner or even to another city. Some removal companies will only do local removals, which may not be what you require.

Reliable and Affordable Man and Van Services

You also need to ascertain whether the man and van service you choose is a licensed goods-in-transit company and that their rates are reasonable. You have worked long and hard to invest in your furniture and appliances or in your office setup and would need to know that the company transporting your goods are insured and extremely experienced to ensure that your goods arrive safely and in the same condition they were in when they were collected.

Does the removal company supply boxes, bubble wrap and tape and do they offer the service of packing for you? Some removal companies will drop off the boxes, bubble wrap and tape prior to collection in order for you to do your own packing. Moving house is as stressful as death and divorce, and contracting a reliable man and van service that will pack for you will help to reduce your stress levels. Ask the man and van company for a comprehensive list of all their credentials and services and their transportation costs, and whether there are additional costs for insurance before making your decision

It may be worth your while to ensure that the company you choose has a track record of expertise, experience and professionalism, and they have an excellent record of exceptional customer service. Man and van service is sure to provide you with information, and you are justified in enquiring as they will be the custodians of your valuable goods while in transit, and you need the peace of mind that your good are in safe and reliable hands.

The man and van company has been servicing your community successfully for many years and have a track record of reliability, attention to detail, expert packing and delivery Staff who will ensure that your goods are delivered safely and on time. They are flexible with collection times and will arrive promptly, and they will never disappoint you. They have the expertise and experience to make your move stress-free and afford you the satisfaction of knowing that you chose the right removal company and that your goods will arrive in pristine condition.

Reliable and Affordable Man and Van Services


Hiring a man with a van in London


Hiring a man with a van in London

People will hire a man and van in London every day, no matter what the situation; it could be for commercial, business, office and home removals or even small pick up and drops.

Many people will have a personal budget in mind and will then use this to focus their search to find a London removals company who can match that price. You will find that due to competition within the removals business nowadays, many firms are now very competitive and many will offer you the quote you desire or something close to that as long as your expectations are within reason.

Hiring a man with a van in London

Of course you have to consider such facts like the size of the job, what equipments may be needed, how long it will take, and how far the travel is likely to be and how many movers are required to do the job in order to determine a reasonable price quote. Discussing, prior to the move, as well as trying to be as honest as possible about your personal situation will pay off later, it allows time to consider the cost, it avoids unexpected extra costs for situations unconsidered and it should make the whole process as less stressful, which is always a priority for any mover. Start making a moving checklist today and you cannot go wrong!

The idea behind hiring a man with a van is to take the burden out of moving, why try to do it all alone when help is available? It makes sense to use experts at such a stressful time in life and it can only help to reduce the fears and anxiety that you may be experiencing right now!

London removals are great at getting a move accomplished in the quickest way possible, anything from hiring a man and van to use of their packing services can all play part in the removals process but fear not, that may sound expensive, but you only have to use as little or as much as what is available, ultimately as much as you can afford.

Moving is also risky and the amount of hazardous situations- we are exposed to- throughout the whole process should not be underestimated at all. Heavy lifting and loading can be back breaking, heavy furniture is a killer to shift at the best of times but when you have to move a whole load of other things on the same day the pain of doing so intensifies immensely. Some element of fitness plays part for a successful move otherwise you risk facing injury such pulled or torn backs and muscles, bruising and at worst you could break a bone so if you think that you are not that physically fit, it’s not a good idea to attempt this job without the right support.

There is no denying the fact that those who do use professional removals when moving house have the most successful moves. Most people note how less stressful it was but what is exceptionally appealing to many is the time in which it takes to move, usually incredibly quicker with the help from expert moving companies. For those who work fulltime and have very little free time available, being able to move in fast is of major priority, some have no choice but to get it done quickly and London removals are without doubt quick at helping people move.

Hiring a man with a van in London

So if you fear a dreaded move, or maybe you are considering staying put due to the amount of work involved, don’t give up just yet! Many companies are willing to offer help and support from the get go, give them a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised!



Find The Dependable Man and Van Service


Find The Dependable Man and Van Service.

A lot of people move their office or house from one location to a
different place for several reasons. Moving is not a simple process,
since it entails packaging and moving items that are light and heavy.
The whole items in a house including kitchen utensils ought to be
package nicely and delivered to the new location with no damage to
them. It’s definitely a difficult task for the homeowners to carry out
alone. In the case of moving a workplace, some necessarily items such
as audio-visual devices, phone accessories and well as commercial
infrastructures need to be relocated safely and securely, so as to be
able to update the systems error-free in the new destination. Whether
moving is short or long, the full property should be shifted with
maximum care to avoid any damage. It should be perfectly packed and
also labelled very well with clear home address for trouble-free

Find The Dependable Man and Van Service Provider.Find The Dependable Man and Van Service Provider.Find The Dependable Man and Van Service

Man and van service provider are definitely the best when it comes to
shifting your house or workplace essentials.
No matter what the distance range might be, man and van removal makes
use of the latest modern equipment in moving your property without
leading to any damage to them. These man and van firm help in making
your tasks faster and easier. Additionally, they can carry out
packaging services when required or even make boxes available to
package the items nicely and carefully. Anyone in london can employ
the services of these firms to transfer their items at home or office
without the stress associated with moving. The cost you incurs for
movement of boxes is dependant upon the time, the travelling distance,
number of staff and also space needed in the van. If your time is
flexible and you are moving to a longer place, the expenses of
transporting your property will be far reduced since your items will
be matched up along with other customers.

There are numerous removals service providers in london if you browse
through the internet. Yet, what are the process of getting a
dependable man and van services  in london?  What are the
things that ought to be taking note of?

* It should have trustworthy and dependable personnel.
* it must have qualify and trained car drivers who can drive gently
and get to the new location without hindrance.
* They will be able to give you guidance and help to cut down the
expenses of moving in the case of long-distance.
* The personnel involved with relocating of the boxes needs to be
conversant in loading and offloading.
* Nice packaging and labelling of boxes should be done if needed.
* The assets need to be delivered safely and securely in a nicely
equipped van and should also includes insurance coverage to prevent an
unforeseen losses.
* The charges for man and van differs based on the hours, if you need it
for half day or for a whole day. Ensures the issues of cost s worked
out before going ahead to book.

Relocating is done a lot easier when using the services of man and
van. They do transport your items promptly at the designated location
at a very cheap cost.  Even though it’s their job to look after your
possessions, it’s really your responsibility to help them by telling
them the importance of the items inside the container and the need to
deal carefully with them. Attach the name and home address plainly by
the boxes to help them convey the same with no confusion. Man and van
services may be booked up either via telephone or via internet form.
After that you will get a email of confirmation along with the quote
you asked for. Should you need the services of packers and movers
service in london, don’t forget to contact you reliable service
provider Man and Van.





Transportation is a major necessity. Technology has resulted in the launching of new cars that can travel at incredible speeds. Transportation however goes beyond just mobility. The importance and significance of traditional transport services cannot be overlooked. Services provided by van cannot be underestimated. These services are still important even in the modern day.

The benefits of hiring a man and van service company are numerous. These services are required for transporting, home items, packing and delivering those items to their respective locations. They are also useful for rubbish clearance, pick-up and delivery of items from suppliers to their customers, and home removal, just a mention a few.

Besides the great services these companies provide, the advantages of employing the services of man and van companies cannot be exhausted. They are relatively cheap as opposed to the popular thought of the service being expensive. Man and service companies always have some experience that can be very useful especially when it comes to moving items from one place to another. They ensure the safety of your items and property. Hiring a man and van service company also saves you the stress involved in moving.

Hiring a man and van service is very beneficial but the situation can be a lot different if the right hands are not employed. There are lots of con men roaming the streets in the name claiming to be man and service companies. These folks are not well trained and lack the actual knowledge and skills required. In order to avoid falling into the hands of these men, some tips or steps can be followed. Following these steps ensures the right guys are hired.


Adequate Research

It is important to do a complete research work before hiring a man and van service company. Research as regards to the price, experience, and the reputation of the company needs to be done. It might also help to compare prices of several companies to determine the most affordable even as you consider the quality of service delivery.

Registration Details

Ensure the company you intend to hire is duly registered and have legitimate rights and authority to carry out operations. Checking for insurance coverage for any type of mishandling or damage to the assets can also help one be at a peace of mind.

Company Logo

It will do some good to check the company logo as this helps to check the validity of the logo and avoid the possibility of a theft by con men or unreliable companies.

There are other tips to ensure the most suitable company is hired for your transportation needs.

 Man and Van LDN is a man and van service company that is reputed for excellent service delivery at an affordable  Man and van cost. provides London removal services and European removals with experienced and competent drivers that ensure your loads are safely transported from any location to another.

Don’t risk it. Save yourself the stress and some money. Hire Man and Van ldn and you will be glad you did.



Affordable and Quality Man and Van Services in UK

                                  Affordable and Quality Man and Van Services in UK

Planning a relocation of your home or office and sweating with thoughts of removal and moving? We understand the stress revolving around you during this movement. Relocating can be gruesomely tiring and thinking about the damage of property can lead to sleepless nights. Well, no more as we, at ManandVan LDN are here to take over all your worries and hassles to give you quality services and effortless removing. So the best man and van services are in the city and at affordable prices too. We at ManandVan LDN understand the detailed planning a move necessitates and do this nerve breaking task for you as per your requirements. With us, your luggage and valuables are in safe hands. We offer a solution which caters for all your removal queries and needs, whether it is shifting your office or household stuff, and of any magnitude.

  Affordable and Quality Man and Van Services in UK

We have a dedicated and experienced team who is qualified in removing services, and thus we guarantee you quality services. We have fully equipped vans, which take care of your delicate belongings en route and come in different sizes to suit your luggage size and transportation requirements.Apart from moving your stuff, you can hire our man and van services which will remove articles from the old location, pack them with care, load and transport, move to the new location, unload and fix the articles. We even clear the rubbish from your previous location so that you don’t have to hire other cleaning services for the same. We promise you a completely professional experience with our man and van services. Our vans are installed with the GPS tracker which means the move of your luggage is tracked in real time. By giving us your relocation responsibility, you can get rid of the stressful procedure and its minute details as we deal with your luggage in an appropriate manner categorizing them in fragile and hard wearing. Our relocation services are available in London and other international location like Paris, Spain and France.

We can request for a free quote and browse through our service on the portal or give us a call. We offer the most cost effective prices in the market with services starting from just £30 with no hidden costs involved. We are always available for all your needs with our 24 x 7 services. Budget is the most important factor during transition as there are several other expenses involved, therefore hiring a professional service is highly recommended as it carries the daunting tasks with precision which is cost effective. And it makes you free to focus on other important aspects of shifting.

So, now as we help you in this transition phase with our expert services, you can take a back seat and shift into the managerial suit for just monitoring the move. We value our esteemed customers and building a lifelong relationship with them is our utmost motto so hire us and indulge in this incredible experience.




Top Tips for packing when moving house

The thought of moving to a new home can at times be a delight. Then there is the packing, which is not so fun due to the frustrations of sorting through your items making life easier for you when you are unboxing. Fortunately there are numerous ways you can prepare and pack for the big move that will take a whole load off your shoulders. Here are some top tips for you to consider when packing:

Top Tips for packing when moving house

Get your materials!

Being prepared in advance for your move will save you loads of time and money in the long run. You will need to stock up on packing materials such as: boxes, bubble wrap, parcel tape, marker pens etc… Therefore buying these items in bulk is a great idea. When looking for removal boxes, consider checking at your local supermarket, bookshop or bar, you are most likely to find strong boxes free of charge!

Create a list of contents

A list is one of the best ways to keep things organised. Before you even start to pack your first moving box, consider creating a simple list or record keeping system. Make a list with numbers (you may use a computer and then print with label printer) leaving space to write the contents of what’s in the box. You would place a number on each of your boxes you pack, listing the contents on your list. When describing what is in your box, it is better to be as detailed as you possibly can; for example “computer games” is better than just writing “CDs” or “discs”, and “DIY books” is better than just “books”.

Use coloured labels or stickers

Give each room in your new house a designated colour for example (??), blue for the living room, red for the kitchen, green for the bathroom, orange for your kids bedroom and so forth. Place coloured labels on the box near the box number, you could even use shapes or icons, then place matching labels on the door to each room. When the movers arrive with the boxes, they can simply place them in their suited room.

Keep important papers on you

This may consist of birth certificates, marriage certificates, contact details for new job, mover estimates, bank statements, school reports, maps, phone book, utility bills etc. It is better to keep all of these documents with you rather than leaving them with the mover. Putting them in a ring binder folder and placing them in your own vehicle is the safer option.

Place items together

Keep similar items next to each other when you or the movers are packing boxes. For example, place hooks and screws with mirrors or pictures, light bulbs with lamps or ceiling light shades and extension cords with appliances and electronics.

Top Tips for packing when moving house



Give everyone in household personal storage boxes.

Use decorated or brightly coloured tote storage boxes for every person within your household. Allow each family member to fill this box with anything they want or need right away once moving to the new home, this will save you the stress and time. Fill these boxes with, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, tablets, bed sheets, telephone, a few extension cords, pens, notebook, torch, toilet paper, tea, kettle and so forth.

Place clothing in wardrobe cartons

No crease, no fuss! Do you want to keep your fancy dress and designer clothes crease free? Then place them in wardrobe cartons that are used by removal companies. This ensures your clothes are kept secure, and think about it! You won’t have ironing on the top of your list once you are settled into your new home.




Reliable Removals do they exist?


Are you currently on the lookout for removals right now? If so you may be wondering where to look to find the best ones, the reliable ones and the trusted ones? Well the great thing is removals are not hard to find so finding a great company shouldn’t be too difficult.

Reliable Removals do they exist1

What should I look for in a company to make sure I make the right decision?

Before you decide to hire the first Removal Company or man and van hire that come across a little more research into the company should a priority on your list. There are many things that you can do that will be able to tell a little bit more about a company before you book with them and some of these ideas could prove to be very beneficial in the long run.

Here are our top tips for choosing the right company,

  • Look at their reputation via feedback from former customers, you can ask around, check their social networking pages or visit the company direct.
  • Look at what kinds of services they offer, do they offer a range like packing and storage and are those services a success with former clients too.
  • Check out their quotes, are they reasonable or extensive or maybe they are too low? Low quotes should always be investigated further.
  • Do they offer insurance to customers, if so find out how you can claim it?
  • Look at the small print; can you spot any hidden charges? You do not want to be misled in any way!
  • How do they advertise, do they advertise? Advertising may the key to proving how successful a business actually is.
  • Is the company helpful on the phone, you can usually find out a lot over the phone that would be able to shed light on how the company works and you may get a good feeling about them or vice versa a bad one.
  • If all else fails, follow your gut instinct, it’s usually right!

Most people want a good solid team of removal workers who show up on time and who are going to be ready, willing and able to get on with the job. People do not want to feel anymore stressed than they already do on removal day which is why it is vital that you make the correct decision when booking with a company.

A good removal company will communicate well with its customers; you should be able to get in touch with them at all times. If a company never answers the phone to you or you struggle to get in touch with them after booking with them, they are not acting very professional and suspicions will rise concerning the validity of the company. Unfortunately you are always going to find companies who are not interested in doing a great job for customers because the only thing they are after is you money, these are the ones you need to avoid. If you have booked with a company who is acting like that, consider cancelling and going elsewhere because if problems are already arising before the move there is a possibility that it could only get worse later on.

Moving can be very stressful and some people may not realise the importance of hiring the best companies to assist you. If you get it right a good removal company will virtually take the stress out of moving because good removals will take on the job at full force, taking control of absolutely everything and you shouldn’t have to lift a finger when it comes to lifting and loading, these are the ones we need to look out for.



How to find good honest removal companies!

Removal companies are very useful, when moving home or office it can be rather manic and having a good honest removal company (which you can trust) on board to help with the move, is very beneficial. As well as taking the strain out of moving and the hard graft which is generally part of it, removal firms these days also offer many other beneficial services, all of which further makes the whole process so much easier.

Man Receives Package Delivery

Where to find good reputable removal firms!

Of course what we all require is a company that can be trusted, a company which has a good solid reputation and who are recommended and praised by others, the problem we are often faced with is where to look, and how to know who to trust?

If you are currently looking for a good removal firm here are some tips to help you make the correct decision,

  • Start local and look for removal firms within your area, ask others if they have used them before.
  • Ask people who they would recommend, if you know someone who has moved recently, ask who they used.
  • Look online, research websites and social media sites and check out the public perception within the reviews.
  • Call around or visit the companies you want to find more about, how are they over the phone? Are they helpful? Do they seem professional? etc

What are the benefits of using removal companies are why it is so important that we only hire trustworthy companies?

The benefits of using removal firms is endless, they can be helpful in many ways. Depending on what your personal circumstances are and how much help around you is already available will depend on how crucially you require their services.

Here are some examples of the importance of hiring removals,

  • If a person lives alone and struggles with mobility, they are crucial because without them moving just wouldn’t be possible.
  • If a person lives a very busy life and does not have time to pack and move, it can be extremely helpful to use a packing service within a removal company to get the job done quicker.
  • Removal companies will probably move you in half the time it would take to move without them and most people prefer a quick service to save time, so this is a big bonus for all.
  • Movers are experienced with all aspects of moving, everything from packing, to sorting to loading and unloading a removal van safely, they are experts at it all which means that the chances of things going wrong is relatively minor.
  • Most removal firms are reliable and will not let you down, you can guarantee that when moving day arrives, they will be there, ready and raring to go.

The importance of trust is a massive issue, as much as we would all like to believe that everybody is good natured and that nobody and no company will behave wrongly, the truth is this just isn’t realistic. We seem to be hearing more and more about how people have been conned by tradesmen and unfortunately it seems to be vulnerable people like the elderly or disabled who are affected the most.

When it comes to moving house, it will require a lot of trust, especially when taking into consideration what is involved. You will be allowing strangers into your home to handle your belongings so it’s vitally important that who you choose can be trusted. It’s also important that who you hire to help move is respectful because equally important is that they handle your belongings with care.




How To Hire Good Man And Van In Battersea SW11


Moving to Battersea area is always exciting, but the excitement evaporates when we think of moving all our stuff from one place to another. It is crucial to hire a man and van Battersea sw11 who can make the process of moving things easy and convenient to you. A moving company should be reliable, efficient and affordable to you.

How To Hire Good Man And Van In Battersea SW11

You hand over to them some of your well treasured and precious articles, so obviously you want nothing less than an expert who can move your stuff quickly and with proper care.

Following are some of the tips you need to keep in mind while hiring a man and van Battersea:

  • Word-of-Mouth:

The best way to find out best moving company service provider is word-of-mouth. Check with your friends, relatives or neighbours if at all they had hired any moving company and whether they were satisfied with the kind of service provided by them.


Remember to select those companies who have maximum customer satisfaction and those who are willing and are quick in responding to your queries.


  • Reliable:

The man and van company you planning to hire should have a good reputation and market standing. This will also help in receiving the best rates when you hire a reputable company. Also you have to hand over them all your expensive and precious articles, so if a company is reliable, you need not worry about it. You will get your stuffs just the way you had handed over to them.


  • Economical:

Remember, relocation has many costs involved in it. Hiring a man and van Battersea Sw11 will actually add up to your cost of relocation.


Consider two three companies and get quotation from all of them, and analyse all the quotations. Opt for the company which provides you maximum service at minimal possible rate. Remember cheap price does not mean you will compromise on the quality of service. Service should be your utmost priority.


  • Reach:

Check for the reach of the moving company Battersea. Make prior checks whether the company provide the service in the area where you desire to relocate. Also if there are any extra charges involved in travelling beyond certain kilometres etc. to be checked prior to hiring a service provider.


  • License and insurance:

Be cautious while hiring a man and van Battersea. The company you hire should be licensed and insured. It is a good practice to have your articles insured in case of any unforeseen event or accidents.

Good companies usually ensure safe and proper delivery of goods and also ensure coverage of lost or broken article at the earliest possible. Check these details before hiring any company.


  • Experienced Staff:

A man and van Battersea removal company with experienced staff will be an add on to the other services provided by the company. Experienced people know how to pack fragile items and bulky items. Also they know how to optimally utilise their van to deliver maximum possible stuff at one go.

Above all removal company should be patient and polite. Relocation is a stressful and strenuous process, so a moving company should make its customer feel relieved and help them in moving things smoothly and easily, thus making relocation process a bit fun and easy.